Coral the Merknight has emerged from the dark and murky sub surfaces of the unforgiving seas to band together with like-minded musicians of whom share a passion to expose pressing social topics which have not been given sufficient attention within the metal community; standing up against girlfriends who get in the way of quality gaming time, discovering more innovative yet still classy ways to consume alcohol, preventing needless bug zapper injuries, but don’t worry there is still time to do battle with giant imposing demonic beings in traditional heavy metal fashion. Have at thee SEARANTULA!

Coral the Merknight vs. SEARANUTLA’s debut album “It Weaves a Web of Metal” ia now available worldwide [Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc] – purchase links are in the Home section!

Coral the Merknight vs SEARANTULA - It Weaves a Web of Metal - Album Cover

The compositions contained within form an outlandish blend of originals and covers with a splash of instrumental interludes to tie everything together. No matter whether you like your metal and comedy fast and furious [Vin Diesel sold separately] or you prefer your music and punch lines to have a slow burn, the common goal here is to inject some much needed fun into the proceedings. If you aren’t laughing or grinning the whole time you spin this disc… well then… you are probably too busy banging your head. That’s cool too. We’ll take that.

Many musicians have joined forces with Coral to make this endeavor possible, most notably Travis Orbin from Darkest Hour who lends his beastly drumming prowess to three songs and two interludes and Adōn Fanion of Ghost Ship Octavius who exercises his ethereal pipes in the vocal department on two songs.